How much do you use your computer for work vs. fun? Connecting worlds and following my bliss – Raising Global Kids<br/> <br/> Life is a voyage full of the unknown; we cannot see what lies ahead. It is like the vastness of an ocean, all that can be seen is the calm, blue sea. We can sail in any direction, explore the horizon, and go where the wind takes us. Amidst the voyage comes the perfect storm when we must pull up the rudders, tie down the sails and batten down the hatches in hopes of clear waters ahead.<br/> <br/> Brazil is widely known for its beauty and diversity in landscape, culture, and ethnicity. However, there is a stark economic divide among its residents, perpetuated by limited affordable housing options and social services, and high unemployment rates, among other issues. Brazil’s population is centered around its cities and towns, and many residents live in favelas surrounding the big cities. For many, basic needs such as employment, education, and healthcare are not widely covered by the government, and are therefore out of reach. Increasing single-parent households and the necessity to find work far away from home translates to many children and elderly being left alone during the day, or abandoned completely. As a result, local community centers offering free or low-cost social services are often overcrowded and under-staffed.<br/> <br/> By visiting Brazil, South America’s largest and most populated country, anyone can become part, side-by-side of local people’s lives! This is a vibrant, friendly, and physically stunning country. The culture of Brazil reflects a long history of immigration from European, Asian, Arab, and African countries mixing with indigenous groups. Brazil is both a tropical paradise with beautiful beaches, the Amazon rainforest, and rich biodiversity, and also one of the most urban and industrialized countries in Latin America, with 80% of its population living in cities and towns.<br/> <br/> What each of us can do to end our bitter inner place, to live for ouselves in service to others globally and therefore to come up with a better way of life to everyone?<br/> <br/> I’ve discovered that when you’re given the opportunity to learn about foreign culture and customs and understand about community development, an abroad experience is truly complete. To gain this inside perspective, I lived and breathed Cultural Activities all ovr he world. Because of my different traveling and purposes into discovering different foreign countries, I am now aware that anyone is able to enjoy whatever experience life is inviting! The most important is to be open minded and be open to see the way, be it by a language training, field trips, guest speakers, participation in local activities, or feedback sessions. Traveling, always offers the possibility of an inside perspective of the local community and culture, within and beyond the context of any average experience.<br/> <br/> By Bia de Salles – June, 2010<br/>